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Image Viewer
An image viewer is a computer program that can display stored graphical images. Image viewers generally open faster than image editors and have more advanced viewing options such as slideshows.

Free for Personal Home Use

Image Editor
An image editor is a program or collection of programs that enable a person to manipulate visual images on a computer.

Personal license.

This free version is an older version of the current product offering and has no license restrictions.

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Tux Paint


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What We Stock


Off Lease Computers - High Quality, Low Price
We stock the same computers that we use and we believe that using top quality computers provides a better user experience and minimizes down time. Off Lease Business Computers from IBM/Lenovo provides access to top end quality and performance at a lower cost than many new consumer models/brands.

What about warranty?  While off lease computers come with a shorter warranty, our experience has proven them to be very reliable with minimal issues. 

When weighing the benefit of longer warranty options available with many new computers, you should also weigh the disadvantage that most manufacturers require the computer be returned to their service centre for repair - resulting in an extended period of time without your computer.

New Computers
If you prefer to purchase a new computer, special ordering a new computer helps avoid paying a premium for outdated technology.  We, along with most other stores, do not usually stock new business models due to the higher cost, lower demand and the rapidly changing nature of technology products.  One advantage of special ordering is it allows you to tailor your purchase more closely to your needs.

Based on our experience we are not comfortable recommending lower quality consumer models/brands.  If you decide you would prefer to purchase a consumer oriented model please feel free to purchase one at the store of your choice.

It's Your Choice
We want you to be comfortable with your purchasing decision and encourage you to choose the computer that best suits your requirements.  We are happy to provide you with service for your computer, regardless of the brand and where it was purchased.

External Computer Components
We stock a selection of external computer compontents such as monitors, modems and external hard drives for purchase by our customers.

Computer Parts
We stock a variety of parts to support our computer service business.  If we do not have the part required to complete your specific repair we are usually able to special order it at a competative price.  We do not offer retail sales on internal computer components that are not installed as part of our regular service offering.

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